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Plastic Corrugated Sheets & Conductive Plastic Sheets Manufacturer

Establised in 1998, Corlite Packaging is one of the largest Malaysia corrugated plastic sheets manufacturer. We specializing in corrugated plastic sheets, conductive plastic sheets, corrugated plastic box and flute board in Malaysia. We control the sheet extrusion quality, box & article design and development, advance box making process and prompt delivery schedule to meet every aspect of customer requirement.

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Head Office (Central & Export)
6, 10, 12, Jalan Wawasan 1, Kawasan
Perindurstrian Sungai Kapar Indah,
Batu 6, Jalan Kapar,
42200 Klang, Malaysia

Telephone: +603 3290 4399 / 6411
Fax: +603 3290 4397 (Mr. Toh)

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PP Bubble Guard Sheets

PP Bubble Guard Sheets are made of layers polypropylene sheets with middle layer formed of orderly arranged bubbles. Thickness and dimensions can be adjusted in meeting different requirements and applications. PP Bubble Guard Sheets offer significant advantages over conventional paper packaging, wood packaging or PE bubble wraps. They are commonly used in logistics, constructions, beverages, advertising, automotive industries etc.

Conductive Plastic Sheets

Conductive Plastic Sheets are polypropylene sheets designed to offer static protection especially in semiconductor and electronic industries. Conductive plastic sheets are responsible in applications like electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference applications. The different grade of materials allows it to cover a wide range of application. Across years of commercialization, conductive plastic sheets are more widely used today as metal replacements, heating elements, air cleaning etc.

TP Injection Box

Looking for a reliable source to get the highest quality TP injection box at competitive prices? Look to Corlite Packaging! We are one of the leading manufacturers of TP injection box in Malaysia. The TP injection box is designed to be strong, durable, and stackable. These TP injection box comes in different sizes that can be mixed and matched to fit securely on a pallet without falling over. The TP injection box is used extensively in the logistics industries and is being widely used in other industries as well.

PP Corrugated Plastic Sheets

PP Corrugated Plastic Sheets offer some efficient solutions to a huge variety of applications. There are many benefits of PP corrugated plastic sheets. Given the price point, PP corrugated plastic sheets are strong, durable, flexible, light weight, good chemical resistance and easier to print as compared to materials like plastics, cardboards or metal. PP corrugated plastic sheets are made of high density polypropylene plastics that come in a variety of colors and sizes in different dimensions.PP corrugated plastic sheets are used in many different industries for varied applications. PP corrugated plastic sheets are usuaally used in construction work, agriculture and packaging.

Flute Board

Flute boards are made commonly with acrylic, PS, PC or ABS. Flute boards are made more durable than commonly found fiberboard, but lighter in comparison offering similar strength and durability. Flute boards are widely used in common applications like LCD panels, number plates, roofing etc. Flute Boards can be die cut into different forms and dimensions for better performance and visual impact.

Solid PP Sheet

Solid PP Sheets are extruded into standard dimensions for various purposes and applications, which include advertising signs, premium bags and boxes, industrial containers, offset applications etc. Solid PP sheets are manufactured in different finishes, perfect to be suited in graphical enhancement for medium printings. They come in a variety of colors with maximum width of 1450 millimeters.

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